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Your home is your personal space. Why share it with a colony of destructive, uninvited guests? Unfortunately, unlike most unwanted guests, termites and other pests are usually large in number and quite resilient. Small invaders like these require taking an effective removal approach, but many pest control products can become ineffective over time. We use only EPA approved products.

This is what distinguishes Valleywide Termite & Pest Control INC from the rest of the pack. We take a different approach to pest control that guarantees results with no negative side effects. Our methods of pest removal are eco-friendly, humane, and safe for the whole family. All of our technicians are licensed by the state.

Our methods involve:

  • Baiting
  • Granulating
  • Inspections & Analysis
  • Spraying
  • Trapping
  • Wall Injections
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Valleywide Termite & Pest Control INC is a locally owned and family operated business serving residents and business owners in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. We have been in the pest control business for over 38 years, and we’ve learned a lot about effective pest removal and control methods in our time. We are licensed by the state of Arizona and a member of the Chamber of Commerce. There are no contracts or start-up fees, and no job is too big or too small for us.

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